Care Information

Our products are made of high quality and fine craftsmanship, hence we provide care

information to maintain your ARZONAI product.
Maintenance recommendations are also available with each of your products.
1. Store your ARZONAI accessory in the provided pouch and box in a dry place away
from humidity, moisture and extreme temperatures.
2. Store your ARZONAI accessory separately, and avoid contact with hard surfaces to
avoid scratches.
3. Wear your ARZONAI accessory only after showering and applying makeup. hairspray,
gels, lotions and/or perfume.
4. Protect your ARZONAI accessory from water, salt water, chlorine, harsh chemicals.
Disclaimer: Each piece is handmade and very intricately done. Hence minor speck
marks are part of the product, and not a defect. Every ARZONAI accessory may contain.

Please do not hesitate to contact us at +91-9899776721 or email us at on how to take care of your ARZONAI item.